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    Bastei is a rock formation - part of the Saxen Switzerland National Park. It is located not too far away from Dresden. Bastei is ideal stopover on the way from Prague to Berlin or Dresden. The rock formation was formed out by water erosion over a million year ago. Most of the Bastei area offers free all year round access. The only fee that will be charged extra is parking fee and waiting fee. It is recommended to spend at least 3 hours in the area. 


    Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia. The location is ideal stop on the way between Prague and Budapest. Often Bratislava is chosen as a sightseeing stop on the way from Vienna to Prague or vice versa. 

    The city center offers plenty of historical attractions, nice restaurants including the modern UFO restaurant at the top of the bridge and of course the Bratislava Castle.

    Apart from road transportation Bratislava has its own airport and the position on Danube offers option to travel by boat to Vienna or Budapest.

    The car transportation is economical and time saving alternative to bus and train, in some cases the travel by car is more swift than the plane.


    Budapest is the capital of Hungary. Located on the Danube river it is a common pick up point / drop off point for European river cruise travelers. Our transfers are available door-to-door from European hotels to the river docks or to any Budapest hotels or private addresses. We often provide collection from the VIKING, AMA, UNIWORLD and other river cruise companies. As far as for the hotels we usually collect from Marriott, Hilton, Intercontinental and Le Meridien. We will be happy to provide Budapest airport transfers as well as transportation from Budapest to other cities e.g. Prague, Bratislava, Vienna or Krakow.

    Cesky Krumlov

    Cesky Krumlov is a UNESCO listed site located in the South Bohemia, about 170 Km away from Prague. It is possible to arrange a day trip to Cesky Krumlov or to stop for sightseeing in Cesky Krumlov on the way to Linz, Vienna, Passau, Vilshofen, Salzburg or even Budapest. Sometimes we arrange a transfer via Cesky Krumlov with ending in Nurnberg or Munich. 

    Cesky Krumlov offers unique experience. The relatively small historical center is full of hotels, restaurants, small souvenir shops and galleries, but also of old architecture and so much history. When you travel to Cesky Krumlov, you should not miss to visit the Castle Chateau Cesky Krumlov and the Old Baroque Theater.

    Frankfurt am Main

    Prague HFS s.r.o. Taxi & Transfers provide comfortable transportation between Frankfurt am Main and other cities in Europe mainly between Frankfurt and Prague. We can organize the collection from the Frankfurt airport or Frankfurt city. The transfers are door to door, thus the pick up point can be hotel, private apartment or the office. The same counts for the drop off points. Our top seller route is transportation between Prague hotels and Frankfurt international airport.

    Moods Hotel Prague

    design hotel Moods in Klimentska street in Prague

    Prague Design hotel moods is situated in a quiet area of the Prague historical center. The district is already part of the New Town, yet the hotel is a stone throw away from most historical sights e.g. Charles Bridge, Old Town Square or Wenceslas Square. Visit the hotel Moods website, if you wish to learn more about the hotel. 

    Our transportation services are mainly provided between the Moods hotel and the Prague international airport, but we are able to arrange taxi to the train station, bus station or any other venue. 

    Konepruske Caves

    Konepruske caves are located only 30 minutes away from Prague and are definitely worth a visit. The venue is reachable by car, however plenty of walking is demanded from the visitors. To get to the Konepruske caves, it is necessary to walk up the hill for 15 minutes from the car park and then the visit is also for good walkers only. It is not recommended to visit the caves with small babies, unless you are ready to carry them through the cave maze. 

    There are three separated floors of cave complexes with the elevation exceeding 70 meters. In the Konepruske caves there are tunnels, narrow passages and other obstacles e.g. wet floor, bad visibility and cool temperature. The caves invite to see amazing natural creations. The atmosphere of the caves is unique and one can feel the ages of slow natural processes all around. You can see the famous Konepruske roses, which are older than 1 million years.


    Krakow is a very popular destination in Poland. We often provide transportation from Prague to Krakow or Krakow to Prague with a stop in concentration camp Auschwitz Birkenau. When passengers travel with intention to stop for sightseeing on the way, we usually include stop in Brno, Olomouc or Schindler's Factory in Krakow. 

    Krakow is not only popular destination for travellers coming from Prague, but also coming from Budapest and Bratislava or Vienna. We will be happy to organize transportation from Vienna to Krakow, Budapest to Krakow and Bratislava to Krakow or vice versa.

    Augustine Hotel Prague

    Luxury design Hotel Prague Augustine Rocco Forte

    Prague Hotel Augustine is a five stars hotel located in Mala Strana, Prague 1. The hotel is part of the Rocco Forte Luxury Hotels chain. The accommodation at the Hotel Augustine can be booked at our partner website: We are able to provide transfers from/to the Prague airport, Prague train & bus stations.


    Munchen is one of the largest German cities and capital of Bavaria region. Most of passengers travel from the Munich airport or Munich hotels. Our transportation services are available from any address private or business. Munich is visited by both business and holiday travelers. A lot of our clients visit Munich during the famous Oktoberfest beer festival. Apart from the history and shopping passengers want to visit the BMW world and Munich sports stadium. 

    We will be happy to provide transportation between Munich and Prague, Munich and Passau, Munich and Salzburg or anywhere else.


    Neuschwanstein is the fairytale castle of Mad Kind Ludwig of Bavaria. It's the castle they flew over in the children's film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. It's the motif on thousands of pieces of Bavarian tourist tat and the destination for hundreds of tour coaches every day. It's a romantic idea of a castle built during the 19th century in a beautiful mountain setting.

    We often organize transportation to Schwangau (name of the village where the castle is located) during stay in Munich, Salzburg or Innsbruck. When you plan to visit Neuschwanstein, do not forget to include Hohenswangau Castle in the travel plan.


    Transportation between Prague and Passau river cruise docks is one of our top sellers. Every week there are river cruising starting or ending in Passau. Our guests enjoy the comfort of a private car or a minivan and let the chauffeur drive them in comfort door-to-door from the ship to the hotel or vice versa. We drive clients to Beatrice Uniworld, Ama Certa or Ama Prima, Viking Legend and Sky which are usually docked in Lindau. Of course the other docks in the city center are also very common pick up point as well as the hotels near the Fritz-Schaffer Promenade. 

    Passau is a beautiful historical German town located not too far from Munich, Salzburg, Linz, Cesky Krumlov, Regensburg and of course Prague. We will be happy to provide transfers between Prague and Passau, Passau and Munich or Passau and Vienna. 


    Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic. Often called " The Heart of Europe" due to its central location in Europe. The Czech Republic is ideally located transportation hub. Our company HFS s.r.o. (Ltd.) is based in Prague and thus we are able to provide European transportation for passengers traveling between Prague and other cities or between other European cities e.g. Vienna and Karlovy Vary, Munich and Passau or Krakow and Budapest. 

    Prague airport, Terminal NORTH 1

    The cost of the parking is not included in the airport transfer price.

    Prague airport is formed out of the three terminals. North 1 and 2 and South 3. The international public flights are operated from the northern terminals. The southern terminal is used for private, military and special flights. 

    Terminal north 1 operates flights from non-schengen zone; out of European Union. Thus arrivals / departures to the United Kingdom, Russia, USA or e.g. Turkey are operated from here. 

    Our driver will wait inside the arrivals hall with your name on display. The car will be parked at the near parking lot. The driver will help you with the luggage to the car. If you are departing from Terminal 1 of the Prague International Airport, the driver will drop you off near the departures hall. Should you need help with the luggage, you can ask the driver, he will help you with the luggage. The parking fee will be charged extra.

    Prague airport, Terminal NORTH 2

    Book an airport transfer between the Prague airport Terminal North 2 and the city center or other cities in the Czech Republic. Cost of the parking is not included.

    The terminal North 2 is more modern than the North 1 and operates the schengen zone flights; flights arriving / departing to/from countries that are part of the European Union that accepted the free movement of the citizens. Flights from e.g. Germany, Austria, Slovakia or Spain arrive to the terminal North 2. 

    Our driver will meet you at the arrivals hall, he will hold a sign with your name on display. If you are departing from the North 2 terminal, the driver will drop you off right in front of the terminal. If you have oversized baggage, the driver will be able to help you to the check in desk. Airport parking fee is not included in the prices of the transfer displayed on the booking form. 


    Rothenburg is one of the most visited towns of the so called "Romantic Road in Germany". It is one of the few medieval towns that remains fortified with walls. The beautiful buildings, old walls and alleys attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. 

    We usually organize a trip from Prague to Heidelberg with a stop over in Rothenburg, but we are able to provide direct transfers between Prague and Rothenburg or even day trips from Prague. Often we take a detour via Rothenburg on the way from / to Nuremberg. 


    Salzburg is the capital city of Salzburg county, it is also known as Mozart's city for being the birth place of the famous musician. Salzburg attracts the visitors by beautiful architecture as well as plenty of cultural events going on all the time. Those who have covered the Castle and Sound of Music, walked through the city center, visited too many concerts and wish to relax in different way, there are many options behind the boarders of the city. The nature in Salzburg region is amazing. Whether it is the lakes (Mondsee, St. Wolfgang, Zell am See, Hallstatt), mountains, glaciers (Kaprun) or the ice caves near Werfen, there is always something stunning to see. Visitors can not only admire the natural beauty of the district, but can also visit the Salt mines in Bad Dürrnberg, Open air museum in Grossgmain or the Nazi's Eagle's nest on top of the Obersalzberg Mountain. 

    HFS Taxi & Transfers Prague provide direct transfers between Prague and Salzburg as well as scenic drives with visit of Cesky Krumlov, Linz, Krems, Melk, or the above mentioned sites. It is not a problem to hire the car/minivan for more days and cover all the sites. Often our passengers travel to Wattens near Innsbruck, Hallstatt and of course to Vienna.

    The Three Storks Hotel Prague

    The design hotel at the Three Storks is a unique 5-stars hotel located in Mala Strana not far from the famous Charles Bridge. We will be happy to drive you to the Three Storks hotel from the Prague airport, yet often our customers enjoy the drive between Passau and Prague. The location of the hotel is great. Easy access to all major historical sights, quiet neighborhood and yet a lot of nightlife within a short walk. The Three Storks Design hotel is our tip to stay at whilst in Prague.


    Vienna is the capital city of Austria. Our transportation service is available between Vienna and Munich, Salzburg, Prague, Passau, Budapest, Brno or even Krakow. Vienna is often part of the "more days trips" where we visit a few European capitals and cities during the hire. It is possible to hire our cars and minivans with a chauffeur to travel directly to Vienna or to include it in e.g. Munich - Prague - Cesky Krumlov - Linz - Vienna - Budapest route. 

    If you are interested in direct transfers, please use the website. If you plan to do couple of days trip, please email to


    Wolfsburg is the hometown of the famous VW - the German car producer Volkswagen. Wolfsburg is also famous for being one of the few cities that were founded in the 20th Century. The foundation of Wolfsburg dates back to 1938. The history of the region however goes back to the 13th - 14th Century. There are records about the castle Wolfsburg from the year 1302.

    Our guests mostly use transfer services between Wolfsburg and Mlada Boleslav. The Skoda Factory in Mlada Boleslav is owned by the VW. Business clients that need swift transportation between Wolfsburg and Munich often chooses comfortable taxi instead of going by plane. The taxi from Wolfsburg to Nurnberg is preferred by managers who require transportation during which they can freely work on the computer and stay connected to the internet.