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    Type in the exact address or just a city name to get started. To book one way taxi, simply input the pick up point as "START" and drop off point as the "FINISH".

    Should you wish to book a return trip, put the "START" and "FINISH" the same and add the destination in the "THROUGH" field. You have to indicate the amount of needed waiting time.

    To book Prague airport transfers, simply input Prague airport and address of the hotel as START and FINISH.

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    Cost of a taxi from Prague, Czech Republic to Krakow, Poland

    Pick up point: Prague, Czech Republic
    Via: Wroclaw, Poland
    Waiting in Wroclaw, Poland: 2 hours 0 minutes
    Drop off point: Krakow, Poland

    Transfer route details

    Estimated travel time from Prague, Czech Republic to Krakow, Poland is 6h 5min.

    Route map

    From Prague, Czech Republic
    via Wroclaw, Poland
    to Krakow, Poland

    How much does a taxi from Prague, Czech Republic to Krakow, Poland cost?

    Prepaid taxi:
    Cost of the ride: ... CZK
    Bank fee: ... CZK
    Total: ... CZK

    Pay on the spot:
    If you pay the taxi between Prague, Czech Republic and Krakow, Poland on the spot final price is: ... EUR
    The indicated taxi costs do not include parking fees and tip for the driver. Tipping is voluntary. VAT, all road tolls and fees are included.
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